Download Mp3: THE LORD IS SO GOOD – Stacy Egbo ft Michael Stuckey (Video + Lyrics)

US-based gospel music minister Stacy Egbo release a new single titled THE LORD IS SO GOOD featuring Michael Stuckey
The song “the Lord is so good” came from a place of gratitude. After going through a health challenge I wanted to declare that God can still heal and our body mind and soul can be healed completely.It’s an affirmation that we are serving a miracle-working God who is good to us. It is God’s pleasure to show us His goodness. I hope everyone can testify with me that God is good!

Let’s declare it on the rooftop, the valley, the Mountains, in every situation we find ourselves that The Lord is So Good.

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(If you know that the Lord is good shout hallelujah) eeeehhh eeehhhh
The Lord is so good, the Lord is so good
The lord is so good the Lord is so good
I know I know He is good x 2
Horn section x 2
He heal my body and he touched my mind
He set me free and he made me whole
I know I know He is good x2
The Lord is so good (again x 2)
He is Good so good
He is good so good

I know I know He is good
He is good oh yeah x 4
So good

Wave wave
Dance dance
Tell someone “he’s good”
So good
He’s good so good
I know I know he is good.
I searched all over and I couldn’t find no one. I looked to my friends they were no way to be found
I know I know He is good.
When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock. The rock that’s higher than I
I know I know he’s good.
He is good so good x3 I know I know he is good

The Lord is so good (he is so good)
I know I know I know He is good
I know I know
I praise him
I love him
He is great
He is kind
He is love
Do you know do you know
I know I know I know I know
In the morning
In the noon time

I know and I know it
I know he’s good


Stacy Egbo is a name synonymous with excellence and consistency in the Gospel music industry worldwide.

She wears many hats among which are missionary, philanthropist, Nurse, motivational speaker, conference organiser, Influencer, mentor, and mother amongst other outstanding roles.

Her purpose is to build and equip the next generation of worshippers and Christian creatives for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Up till date, she has released four albums, the most recent of which is called A New Thing (Live in Ghana).

Another major highlight of her ministry is when she established the Worshippers Club ministry with the goal of developing young worship leaders worldwide.

Stacy has performed on the ministry altar alongside gospel artists such as Tim Godfrey, Mercy Chimwo, Preye, Chevellyn Franklin, Kiera Sheard, and Dare David – just to mention a few.

She promotes Jesus at every chance while taking part in several missions overseas.

She leads praise and worship at the RCCG Pavilion of Redemption in Sugarland, Texas.

Recently, she contributed to the restoration of a church in Belize, Central America, and also contributed immensely to establishing a widows program in Mandela village Rwanda.

For the first time in 2012, Stacy visited Rwanda and fell in love with the country, the churches and a little boy called called “Willie” and also the amazing Mandela widows.

According to Stacy, these women changed my life, my focus and purpose for ministry. She continues to support them in their quest to rebuild their communities and lives.

One thing is clear, God continues to use Stacy as a source of strength and instrument of love and empowerment to the nations whilst she also manages to maintain playing her role as a mother and faith professional.

Stacy continues to wax stronger in her ministry as she serves to the glory of God and the advancement of God’s kingdom.

Watch out for her new album, “A New Thing” ( Live in Ghana).


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