Download Mp3: One Name (Jesus) [Flow] – Naomi Raine ( Video + Lyrics )

American Christian and gospel singer, songwriter, and worship leader Naomi Raine releases a new song titled One Name (Jesus) [Flow]

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Verse 1
Loved before I had a name
Washed before I knew my shame
O the lamb was slain, before the Earth was laid
What an awesome price He paid

I owe it all, all to Jesus
All – every part of me
Lying at His feet
I owe it all, let every breath Itake
Rise to bring Him praise
To the glory of ONE name…

Verse 2
Nail pierced hands are holding mine
A crown of thorns has freed my mind
Sin cannot exhaust, the grace
shown on that cross
Mercy bought back what was lost

Blinded eyes will one day see
Every loss made victory
There is healing in one name,
one name
He has silenced every foe
Every high thing brought down low
There is freedom in one name,
one name
And soon everyone will know
There still lives a blessed hope
Our salvation’s in one Name,
one Name
He will one day come again
To the praises of all men
Hallelujah to one name, one name



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