Download: Theophilus Sunday – Adua ke o (Prayer)+ Lyrics

Nigerian music minister, Theophilus Sunday has released a new song titled “Adua (Prayer)“. Adua is a word in IGALA language translated to “Prayer” in English.

Even if you do not know the meaning of this song, this song is definitely worth adding to your playlist and it’s going to stir you to pray!

Watch video and download mp3 below:

Download mp3


Adua ke o, me’na chadua ke o (It’s only prayers, let us pray always)

Adua cho’ko, Ka du be bili juja o (Prayer is the strategy that we fight the devil with.)

Chadua ke o, me’na chadua ke o (It’s only pravers, make sure you pray always)

Adua ke o, me’na chadua ke o (It’s only prayers, let us pray always)


  1. Aside the fact that the song was composed in my dialect, it is an inspirational song, stirring up people to pray by knowing the power in prayer. Adua ke o. It’s only prayer. Prayer is the master key and master weapon. More anointing to the Gospel singer ?

  2. Adua Ke
    This song enriches my spirit. The first time I downloaded and sang it over and over again, I prayed like never before.
    God bless Minister Theophilus Sunday.
    Keep doing Jesus’ Will.

  3. The first time i listened to the song and understood what he really meant, there was a sudden irrepressible urge that words cannot express. Immediately sank into the realm of prayer…. GOD BLESS MIN.THEOPHILUS SUNDAY.

  4. This song his so powerful and Wonderful
    It really touching my heart…..I know it about prayer…it really inspiration


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