(Video): YOU LOVE ME – Nelly K

Nelly K the sensational International gospel diva releases the audio and music video for her latest song titled YOU LOVE ME

This song which was done in ‘high life’ was inspired by the unmerited, reckless and endless favour, mercies and goodness of God upon mankind.

Overwhelmed by the extent God would go to save, keep and hold his children, of whom I am one, Nelly K wrote this song in awe and gratitude to God Almighty.

For while we were yet in sin, he sent his only begotten son to die for us.
God expresses love regardless of our past , making the question why he loves us past finding.

No limit, no boundaries to define his extravagant love towards man; For God is love and so my goal is for those who are still afar from this love to both appreciate and embrace God and his Love.
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