(Audio+ Lyrics): Gerald Christian – Who You Are

Gerald Christian unrepentant love for God and passions for the furtherance of the gospel through music led to the release of his debut single titled “Who You Are”, a song that gives the listener an expository knowledge of the personality of God.

About The Song

When we go before the earthly kings, we tend to praise and tickle them by going into their archives to remind them of their conquests, great deeds and victories of the past in order to find new favour in their sights.

“Who You Are” is a revelation composed into song, heralding that when you humbly acknowledge our multifaceted God (Yahweh) as the sponsor of the graces you enjoy, He will gladly reveal to you brand new dimensions of who He is and more possibilities contained in Him that you have never experienced.

The song was produced by Ebikeys.

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Who You Are Lyrics: By Gerald Christian 

Verse 1:
Daily as I rise
I give glory to the God of all the age
For when I honour you as king
You will show me new facet of who you are
Who you are (2x)
Words can’t qualify

You are the great I am
Giver of breath of life
Owner of all things
That’s a glimpse of who you are….
Oh Lord I worship you
I give you due honour
I bow before you
Because of who you are

Verse 2:
You are the king of kings
Dwelling in light so bright above the heavens
You reign in majesty
Shining in light so bright above the heavens
Who you are (2x)
Words can’t qualify



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