Audio: YOUR TOUCH – Minister Uche

Minister Uche (Uche Uzoegbu) is singer, songwriter, worship leader and lover of God. The high-pitched vocalist has served in many capacities including, the state choir director of Winner Chapel Owerri, headquarters of Imo state, music director FECA (Federation of College ex-students Christian Association), Imo state, music director FECA, Enugu state and music director Winners Chapel, Mopa, Kogi state. He is a seasoned banker.
For him, every song is powerful and unique on its own with a divine message from God. He has 3 singles to his credit, namely: YOUR TOUCH (Metunum Aka), IMELA and YOU ALONE.

When God touches a thing, it never remains the same. How much more when God rests His mighty hands on a person or project? 

Your Touch is a song of intervention. A prayerful worship song that ushers in the wonder working hand of God into any and every situation of our lives. Just one touch from God is more than enough to calm the stormy seas, or bring an end to our battles, or bring healing to every sickness. Just one touch. His Touch!



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