(Audio + Lyrics): RCCG Sufficiency Choir – Victory (lalala)

RCCG Sufficiency Choir who Situated in Osun State, Ile-Ife releases a single titled Victory(LaLaLa) produced by Victor Agun was composed from the standpoint of the gift of salvation that Jesus Christ gave two million years ago.

The Afro-Pop Gospel is majorly a declaration of gratitude for this gift of Salvation. It also beckons the world to believe in the Gospel of Christ Jesus and repent from its sinful ways.

Situated in Osun State, Ile-Ife, RCCG Sufficiency Choir hopes that as much as you dance to the groovy tune, you continue to hold your Salvation in high esteem.

Written and Performed by RCCG Sufficiency Choir. 

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Lyrics: Victory (lalala) – RCCG Sufficiency Choir

Oh oh yeah (3x)

Verse 1
I will celebrate my God 
I will lift His name on high 
I will dance before His throne 
Forever (repeat)

He has been my shepherd 
My King my helper 
The Lamb of God who reigns 
He has been my healer 
My strength, provider 
Jehovah is not a man

Oya komole (komole)
Kosoke (kosoke) 
Saviour Redeemer korede 
Everybody let us sing

La la la 
La la la la la 
La la la la 
La la la la la la la

La la la la 
La la la la la la la 
La la la la 
La la la la la la la

Verse 2
Say Victory 
I don’t where and how to start 
I’ve got all reasons not to cry 
Abundant life in Christ 
My brother no be lie 
I just dey wonder why

He gave me dominion 
Dominion over the world (repeat)

I go celebrate eh 
I go jubilate eh 
I go sing, I go shout 
I go lift Baba’s name on high 
Oya let us sing


And this is how we gon celebrate 
We don’t know any other way 
From beginning He was 
Head in thorns just for my cause 
Victorious and undefeated 
You’re in me and I’m in you glued 
You’ll remain the only living God, yeah 
(Yesterday and today and forever) 
You don’t need to wait my friend 
Come to Him

Saviour Redeemer 
Daddy no dey tire 
E go change you for beta

Cos Jesus died for y’all (yeah)
You should live for Him (yeah) 
Jesus won for y’all (yeah)
Just believe in Him (yeah) 
We gon rap for y’all (yeah) 
We gon preach for y’all (yeah) 
We gon ….. for y’all (yeah)
We gon ….. for y’all (yeah)

I go celebrate oh 
I go jubilate oh 
I go sing, I go shout 
I go lift Baba’s name on high 
No matter whatever 
Devil’s plan don scatter 
Na me be the winner 
Na you be the winner 
Oya jo s’otun, j’osi 
Beremole, fosoke
He’s a mighty God, worthy of our praise 
Oya let us sing


Ijo Jesu l’emi o ma jo 
Emi ko ni jo ijo orisa 
Jesu kristi l’emi o ma bo 
Emi ko ni b’orisa laye 
Oba Ogo to ku fun mi 
Emi o ma f’ogo fun eee 
O na na na na na


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