(NEWS) Sinach Way Maker Video hit 100 million views on Youtube

Without nudity, profanity, video vixens, club scenes and the other regular features of most music videos in Nigeria (and Africa), WAYMAKER by SINACH has crossed the 100 Million Mark on Youtube! Davido with FALL(114m), and Yemi Alade’s Johnny(101m) are the only other two who have achieved this feat, amongst the plethora of artists and videos that are released in a super talented Nigerian Music industry. P Square’s ‘Personally’ comes close with 88m and a host of others trailing behind.With over 789,000 subscribers, SINACH has 25 songs above the 1m mark on Youtube, with ‘I Know Who I Am’ currently with 54 million views, the Name of Jesus 35m, and her most recently released song, ‘Give Thanks’ just 100k short of the 1million bar as at the time of this report.Sinach recently adding ‘Mentorship’ as another of her products, as she partners with Gosgem an International Online Mentorship Platform to tell her success story around the world, live and online.Sinach 2017, Sinach has toured over 40 Countries and packed out halls and stadiums. She is billed for a concert in Cote-d’Ivoire this month, and another one in Lekki, Nigeria on the 30th of March.Congratulations Mrs Sinach Joseph!


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