(Audio + Lyrics): Marvin Sapp – Holy Spirit Overflow

Marvin Sapp “Holy Spirit Overflow” off his 2015 released album (You Shall Live).

LYRICS:  written by Marvin Sapp.

Holy Spirit overflow, Holy Spirit overflow, (Hallelujah) move with power
(Ooo) oh this hour (yeah yeah yeah) Holy Spirit overflow
(This is the place where we lift up your hands in worship, magnify the God of your salvation right now, hallelujah)

Let your glory overflow and your presence take control
(Lord this what I want you to do)
Move with power (move with power)
Oh this hour (Right now, right now)
Holy Spirit (overflow) overflow

Let it flow from your throne
You are God (you are God) and God alone
(Come on and let, have your way in this place
Oh we long to see your face, move with power)
Lord this hour (Lord this very hour please)
Holy Spirit (we need you, we need you to) overflow

(Lift your hands right now and say this)
Feel my cup Lord, I lift it up Lord
Come and cleanse this thirsting of my soul
Bread of heaven (bread of heaven) feed me till I want no more

We need you to (Flow)
I said we need you (Flow)
I desire you to (Flow)
I want you to (Flow)
I realize I can’t make it without you (Flow)
Breathe in my life (Flow)
Take what’s wrong and make it right (Flow)
Repair me and share me with the people (Flow)
So that I can be all you want me to be Jesus (Flow)
I tried it on my own (Flow)
I can’t make it all by myself I realize (Flow)
That my life was a mess until you came along and (Flow)
You began to order my steps, you set them in order so that I can (Flow)
Do what you want me to do and be what you want me to be (Flow)
That’s why I need you to just keep flowing (Flow)
In my life, that’s all I need you to do, Jesus (Flow)
Ooo flow (Flow)
So that things can change and be right (Flow)
So that everything that’s night will be light (Flow)
Do it in my life please, do it in my life (Flow)
Please, Lord we need you, we need you to (Flow)
Flow in every area of my existence (Flow)
So that my life will be in order (Flow)
Flow Lord, flow Lord (Flow)
Yeah flow (Flow)
Flow in me, flow through me (Flow)
I said flow in me, flow through me (Flow)
I need you to breathe in my life (Flow)
Oh flow (Flow)
Flow from the top of my head (Flow)
Down to the soles of my feet (Flow)
Flow in every aspect of my being (Flow)
Flow, flow (Flow)
Lord, mold me and shape me (Flow)
Lord, break me then make me (Flow)
Flow, flow (Flow)
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah (Flow)
I need the oil, oil I need ya (Flow)
I need the oil, I need the oil (Flow)
Pour it on me, pour it on me (Flow)
Flow (Flow)
The oil of the anointing, I need it (Flow)
The oil of your Holy Ghost I need ya (Flow)
Flow, flow

Move with power
Lord, this hour
Holy Spirit, please, overflow


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