Great Story of Lydia, who Convert From Islam (Muslim) To Christianity

Great Story of a Muslim Convert To Christianity after Meeting with Jesus

“I was born Muslim and my generation, as long as anyone can remember, was Muslim. I was born in a Muslim country and raised in a Muslim family. We practiced everything, I remember, the first time I fasted, I was 5 years old”.

Lydia was born in an Arab nation into a devout Muslim family. Raised as a strong believer in Islam who would die for Allah, she was so persistent in her beliefs.

However, when Lydia left her country, she realized her belief system had many flaws and she started searching for truth.

One day, out of curiosity, she went into a Christian church saw people singing and dancing and really liked it. She later went back for a Wednesday evening service. There she fell down on her knees, and sobbed. She started asking God to tell her the truth about everything that had happened in her life.

Convert From Islam To Christianity

Then, the Holy Spirit supernaturally touched her life and she heard the Lord telling her “I’m the only Truth. This is the only Truth”. Today Lydia finds all her answers in Jesus Christ.

Watch Video Of Lydia Testimony Above


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