“If it’s by Force, Then it’s not Love. True Love Must be by Choice” ~ Nathaniel Bassey

Renowned gospel artiste and worship leader, Nathaniel Bassey shared an inspiring message about relationship with bible references to back it up.

“If it’s by Force, Then it’s not Love. True Love Must be by Choice” ~ He says!

As my friend ‘Tobi Isijola’ will always say, “It hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on”. When we’re deep into something it’s hard to see clearly and to hear advice from others. It’s hard to focus on a solution when we are consumed with the problem. Many people knowingly or unknowingly force a relationship due to an addiction of love. If you notice these things, you may need to consider walking away.

The ‘Alagbada Ina’ crooner emphasized more on this. He took to his Instagram page to share the below post.

“Over the weekend I had to counsel a friend. And while doing so I made this statement. You see God is a God of Love. In fact, HE IS LOVE. And His word says He so loves the world. So much He gave His only son to die. It is also not His will that any should perish, scripture says. But you and I know that as we speak many are perishing on their way to Hell. And that’s because “…this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light..” John 3:19. As a younger Christian, I used to ask why God Who has all POWER, Unlimited in might and ability could not just prevail upon man (men and woman) to believe, accept and love Him. Why He wouldn’t just snap His fingers and all men are saved.But as I grew I began to discover that this would violate His very core nature of Love. I noticed in verses like Rev 3:20, How He stands at the door of the very ones He CREATED knocking, and waiting to be asked in. The one we call THE DOOR, waiting at the door. And that’s because, if it’s Love it has to be by choice. If He forces His way in, then it’s not love. That’s why He made man a free moral agent. Even angels don’t have such a privilege. So back to my friend. He’d been on the case of this sister for sometime, whom He claims to really love. And feels so convinced she is God’s will for His life. But sadly, The Sister doesn’t feel the same. But then has tried to push things a little hard and getting the sister already upset. So I said to Him (A very great guy), You know, If it’s BY FORCE, then it’s not IN LOVE. Even when people influence people to love them, and they seem to do, somewhere in their hearts, they’d lack that fulfillment, knowing TRUE LOVE must be by CHOICE.
Anyway, just my numerous musing moments.
Happy New Week Saints.“

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