(Audio + Video): Grace & Mercy – Retro Gospel singer Ashle Renee

Ashle Renee releases her new single Grace & Mercy. Ashle is known for her timeless voice and retro looks. Her new single Grace & Mercy is a classic yet groovy mix of joy, lyrics, and sounds. The song is a reminder of God’s goodness and no matter how lost we feel or what our past has been, God is always with you and has it under control.

When asked about the meaning behind the new single Grace & Mercy , Ashle responded, “ We don’t have to feel guilt or shame…He knew our mistakes before we made them. For those that believe we’ve been promised new life and the power to overcome!”
Grace & Mercy will be accompanied by a music video premiering today at 8PM EST that will bring to life the ideas and vision of the new single.

Ashle has recently partnered with Flat Iron Sound Studio and is set to release a 5 track EP later this year. She’s also announced a newly formed partnership with Gospel Music Buzz for management, marketing, and PR services.
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