(Audio + Video): MY SOUL REJOICE – EBY INA

EBY INA released this praise song in September 2020 and this song made waves in both Africa and the US.

2020 was a very difficult year for mankind, God used EBY INA to bring this prophetic blessing as a word of comfort to the world despite the evil effect of the pandemic.

My Soul Rejoice is a culmination and an achievement in my life- God has blessed and given me more grace to live and continue to spread his word through my music. I’ve been so grateful to my family, fans and friends who shared my music and supported me since sept 19th 2020, the day I released “My Soul Rejoice”.

I was surrounded by battles and faced so many challenges but God has been on my side. My Soul Rejoice was ministered to me in my dream, it came as a vision during the most difficult times in my life. I woke up in shock and made a recording using my cell phone, and hurriedly went to the studio the next day.
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