(Mp3 + Lyrics): Asiko – Heasy ft. Gracious


Here is another single titled Asiko by Nigerian Talented Artiste, Heasy featuring Gracious

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Hnm hnm hnm hnm…
Oh oh oh….oh
Oh yeah yeah asiko mi nbo ooo
I know I will make am, one day
Mogbagbo pe moma de be, tasiko mi bade
Verse 1
You don dey think about yourself, You say baba kilode
Cos you’ve been seeing your mate, Balling around
Ofe jaye o, ofe fela otun fe gbomo to shan
Oppression yii po o, otipoju ole mora
Latest today will be oldies tomorrow, oba se jeje
Assure tete koni koja ile, arin gbere nogo lost
Just believe you go make am, one day
Sha gbagbo pe o made madebe yeah yeah, tasiko re bade
Toba fe lowo tofe je eniyan, tepa mose hmm…..
Just know ego better, one day
(Ooooyeah, one day)
Oh yeah, time is for everything
You need to walk walk walk walk, hard and pray
Nothing comes fast and easy, made kanju tu oluoran
Omope igbare koto se lobe, aunty rora
This life na turn by turn, if you wanna dey ontop
You need to pray along, soon it’ll be your turn
I know I go make am, one day
Momope mo ma debe, tasiko mi bade
Kinle lowo kinle jeniyan, ni mosen sise dede
I know e go better, one day
We know we go make am(one day one day, eh eh)
Chr:one day
Amope ama debe(tasiko wa bade ee)
Chr: Tasiko wa bade
Kale lowo kale jeniyan(kale dolola,eyh lasen sise dede eh eh)
Chr: Lasen sise dede
We’re sure e go better
Chr: One day

We know we go make am(oh oh oh oh, one day one day, one day one day)
Chr:one day
Amope ama debe(ama de be, tasiko wa bade eee)
Chr: Tasiko wa bade
Kale lowo kale jeniyan(mosen sise,mosen tepa mose)
Chr: Lasen sise dede
We’re sure e go better(laye oo, one day)
Chr: One day
Ehn…ehn…ehn…one day
We are sure we go make am, one day
Kale dolowo kale dolola, lasen sise
Agbagbo pe amadebe one day


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