(Audio + Lyrics): Kim Walker-Smith – Wild Heart (Live)

Jesus Culture Former worship Leader and lead singer, Kim Walker-Smith comes with another song titled “Wild Heart” alongside the live video. It’s a song from 2020 released album titled “WILD HEART”

She shares; “I wanted to capture that feeling of new life and growth in the aesthetics of this album, so the night we recorded it, we had a stage full of the live plants and flowers! Our scenic designer, Eric Ponpetenieff, totally captured the vision of “WILD” and created something incredible with live trees, ferns, moss, and flowers. He turned the stage in to a lush living garden, he even brought in a eucalyptus tree from his own property! Needless to say, it smelled AMAZING in the theatre that night.”

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He isn’t tame, He is free
He has no limits, no boundaries
That’s the wild heart of our Father
There’s no distance He wouldn’t go
To chase us down, to bring us hope
That’s the wild heart of our Father

He’s running, running
To the ends of the earth
He stops at nothing, till we return
We’re coming back, we’re coming back to Your heart

When He speaks, the whole world shakes
The darkness trembles, at His Name
It’s the wild heart of our Father
Extravagant, relentless still
We’re sons and daughters, He calls us children
The wild heart of our Father

Wilder than a fire
As boundless as the sea
Your love is on the move
And it’s coming after me
It’s Your nature to be gracious
You’ve loved us from the start
And You’ll never stop pursuing
With Your wild heart

Your wild heart


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