(Audio + Lyrics): Pfame Ft. Clara – Odogwu

Few months after the release of the debut single ZOE Pfame is back again with a mind blowing and spirit lifting single titled “ODOGWU” featuring his wife Clara.Odogwu is a song inspired from the realities of life,it talks about the need for Christian’s to put their trust in God and not men no matter what comes their way. (Jeremiah 17:5-8).

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Lyrics: Pfame Ft. Clara – Odogwu

Ah ah oya

Everybody (woekilemo) 3x

Ah!Baba God know your matter (3x)


Person wey know God oh

He no get problem

Cos heaven dey back up as the people dey pray

Baba wey get level

He no dey fumble

He’s the Alpha Omega , beginning and ending

Baba God know your matter

Chorus:Dancia…..Odogwu! odogwu!

Dancia…..Odogwu! odogwu!

Dancia… Make we dey go (2x)

Verse 1:First make we relate

HmmmI get so many many things to tell you

For this life my brother na God o

No put your trust in man cos man go fail youIn the time you need them mostI know in that time you wanna give up

But heaven resources he no dey finishPerson wey no die he go dance

He go begin rejoice

Refrain:Eledami ooo mofe jami ooo

Person wey no die he go dance

He go begin rejoice ….Ah…..Repeat Hook and chorus

Verse 2:Hear this one now, and relate….When life don dey go soft soft

Bad belle people Dem go come

With their busy body

With their lazy body

Some of Dem are criticizing owe!

He go be like say God too dey bless you

My brother open your eyes

My people hear these words…Tough time never Last but tough people do…So if you hold God strong


Person wey know God baba God go hold you


Person wey fear God baba God go show you the way

Repeat Hook and


Clara Ad-libs

Don’t you worry about a thing

Today is better and tomorrow shall be great oooo ohhh

If you put your trust in him

He will give the desires of your heart ohh ohh.

Pfame ad-libs

He will give you what you need

He will give you what you ask

Don’t you worry about a thing

I know my God he no dey fumble

He will give you everything

Just put your trust in him

Cos tough time never Last but tough people do…


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